The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

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No more hippo talk, damnit

I caused an accidental flashmob tonight. I told hensatc that I was at Starbucks via IM. An hour later there were 8 people there. Odd.

The Starbucks has everything: wireless, Muzak, car crashes out on Newport Boulevard, beautiful people, beggars asking for cigarettes, Aloysius the Artist, and lots of smog.

I had a flashmeal also: stirfried chicken with mushrooms, broccoli, and sweet/sour/spicy sauce I made. Very nice. Then I had a flashdrink: vodka in a fruit smoothie.

Now all I need is some flashsex. INSIDE VOICE, INSIDE VOICE.

I fed the flashcat also, so she is currently my best friend. Mrow, mrow, mrow. Purr, rub, cuddle.

I think the sriracha sauce from my meal is taking over my bloodstream; my arms feel hot.
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