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Where are you in your LIFE right now?

Due to my regular local coffeehouse being closed, I'm at a starbucks on a busy corner. They have wireless here, which is nice, since I'm a subscriber.

At the next table an earnest man in a tie is "coaching" a younger man. He first explained that coaching was different than therapy because it was forward-looking and not backward-looking, and it was about moving forward! For forward motion! And then he took a "career inventory" of the guy's life and they're talking about what he wants to do with all his forward motion.

He's also talking about how GOD wants us to figure out what the heck we want in our lives. And our natural talents and gifts.

Periodically a car will go by and the fairly pleasant Starbucks bebop will be temporarily interrupted by banda or Madonna or Avril.

Someone inside is hogging the seat with the power plug.

My Powerbook turned out to have 512M RAM after all; it was just badly seated. Thank you Genius at the Apple Genius Bar!
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