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Talk Radio Nation: TURN IT OFF

I have become hyper-sensitive to a particular kind of bullshit: repeated broadcasting of some organization's talking points.

I don't listen to right-wing talk radio or watch FOX News, or deal with any of the "news personalities" on CNN or MSNBC. I don't even listen to the Bland Liberals on NPR. All of those things frustrate me, and yelling back at broadcast media does no good.

But I don't have to read or listen to or watch any of this crap because my regular Internet reading will turn up ten in a row of the things those organizations have instructed their followers to repeat. It's like that phenomenon where a row of magazines at a newsstand will all have the same actor on the cover, because the publicity machine works so well.

It's worse than pyramid schemes or spam or religion, even. None of these things make any sense, and they're all dispensed by people who don't care about anything, least of all you! Don't repeat everything. If you haven't got something of your own to say, just be quiet.

And if you're going to rebroadcast your clan's speeches, at least apply a dab of critical thinking first. Intelligent people cut-and-pasting bullshit make us sad.
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