The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

everything annoyed me today. raaaar

1) IBM is taking 4 days to accomplish their "same day service" on my company laptop

2) I fled to the coffeehouse today and was visited by the Joan, who as usual walked right up, disrupted a perfectly good conversation I was having with someone else, drove that someone else away, and then talked at me. She's the kind of person who will tell you some mind-meltingly boring story about her life, and as you're responding with something about your own life, will then tell the same story again worded slightly differently. Example:

Her: My boss really annoyed me today. I sent her detailed information in an email and then she was very patronizing and told me I hadn't given her the info because she hadn't read the whole email. I was very upset. I hate that.

Me: Bosses do that because they have power. I've had a boss before who would...

Her: And what really gets me, is that it was in the email the whole time. But she was so patronizing. I hate that.

Me: [annoyed] Like I said. Bosses do that. It's part of work.

Her: It was in an appendix to the email, and she could just have read it.

Me: Yeah. I find that many bosses can't use email properly. Sometimes they..

Her: I wish I could do something about it now, but I just need to tell her that the email...

[..continue for 30 minutes..]

She also gratuitously insulted the person I had been talking to before. I wish there was some way to transmit I DO NOT ENJOY TALKING TO YOU MOST OF THE TIME REALLY without being an ass about it.

3) I had a bad dinner (burger).

4) People are being mean to all my friends. It makes me mad as hell.

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