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Entertainment News From All Over: BROMANCE!

Subject: Brody Jenner - "Bromance" Integration Opportunity on MTV!

Hi Devoted Clients,

I am bringing to you an integration opportunity for a new comedy/reality show featuring the Prince Of Malibu - Brody Jenner (from The Hills). The show is called "Bromance" While Brody has no trouble finding ladies to occupy his time, he is on the hunt to find the perfect 'bro-mance'?. The perfect guy he can trust? The perfect guy he can chill with and ultimately welcome into his entourage. Below and attached you will find details about the show. We are looking for clients that can have organic integrations in the "MANsion" and other places inside the show.

Note: Turnaround time is very quick, as the show begins taping on August 25th!

About the show:
Several 'bros" will compete in various group and individual activities that will test their trust, reliability and compatibility to determine who truly belongs in his inner circle.  From skydiving into Las Vegas, to dealing with the Paparazzi, to being his wingman, each episode will feature one "group date" and the always important "alone time" with Brody. Throughout the series, the pool of "bros" gets smaller as contestants get eliminated into the "Hot Tub Elimination Ceremony," where rejected 'bros' will be asked to leave the bachelor pad, dripping wet, wearing a swimsuit with luggage in hand. In the end, the winner will take home an incredible prize package, move out to Hollywood and secure a spot as the newest member of Jenner's entourage.

Sponsorship Opportunities Include:
The MANsion where the "bros" will live, compete and play offers a variety of in-show integration:
Video Games

The "bros" need transportation to travel to hot
spots during the season:
High-End Automotive Vehicles Requested

Bromance Prize Package:
The MANsion will be filled to the brim with "man toys," which will all be presented as the ultimate prize package for the winning bro.

Six (6) Hour Long Episodes
Tentatively Set to Premiere in late December
Shooting August 25th-September 15, 2008 in LA

Minimum 1 verbal and 2-3 mentions throughout series for sponsors

That is the overview. If interested let's start discussing quickly as time is of the essence! This will be FUN!
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