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Something I learned today

This week I have learned some things!

I learned that when people no longer understand the code written at your job it is a bad thing.

I learned that the guy jonpants was talking about is not a myth and does really exist and did eat 3 pounds of sour cream all at once and tell people about his anal leakage and oral herpes and it's all true, just like they said, and HOLY GOD HOMPH HOMPH

I learned that I shouldn't pretend that I can deal with someone socially when I can't; I should just say it isn't working and even be rude! In person! Instead of just being pleasant and burning up inside.

I learned that an "asterism" is a perceived object in the stars that isn't one of the true constellations but is named and known, like the Big Dipper.

I learned once again that my negative perceptions of my life are unfortunately almost always correct. But just almost always.

I learned that the cat can pop the screen out when she wants to go kill another cat outside.
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