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  1. People who stand in line and take abuse to purchase an overpriced phone with a horrible shitty painful billing plan. THEY'RE FUNNY!

  2. Full Sail's IPA isn't so great. A salad made solely of artichoke hearts with olive oil and basil, however, is so great.

  3. Trying to figure out why I haven't been able to read more than 3 paragraphs and I can't get shit done, I noticed that I hadn't taken my Adderall or even picked it up from the pharmacy for more than a week. I should pay more attention! HAW!


  5. NASA sent me email with the subject line "What's wrong with the Sun?" and I panicked a little. But it was just a tease. Apparently the Sun is still okay.

  6. I can't believe Phil Gramm said the economic downturd was psychological and that we were a country of whiners. Did the Democrats pay him off with some hot toilet sex?

  7. I live in the only place with acceptable weather currently.

  8. I heard "I love a man in a uniform" on the muzak at Trader Joe's yesterday while I was in line behind a woman who wore camo pants with "peace" on the ass.
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