The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Mike Carona hits another low

If you've protected your friend's rapist son while you're sheriff, given out guns to all your buddies, and got yourself indicted for corruption charges involving the same rapist's dad, there's nothing like a new tape showing you n-wording. Because that's what we want in a Sheriff:

The tapes, between Carona and former political confidante Donald Haidl, reveal Carona casually using the n-word, dropping several f-bombs, talking about his sexual conquests and making sexual remarks about other women.

I mean, we're bigots here, but you aren't supposed to SAY IT LIKE THAT.

"You're right, I've had a life that's been absolutely blessed," he tells Haidl. "I've met millionaires, billionaires, I've traveled on personal airplanes, and I never shook anybody down for any s***, so. … Not that I haven't, you know, drank some great wine, and had great booze and ... got some, you know, phenomenal (sex) along the way…"
Tags: orange county, politics
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