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Jack Marquette: 1948-2008

He was responsible more than anyone else for the Los Angeles underground music scene that lit up my brain in high school and gave me so much in the years afterwards. The art of all kinds that arose from Theoretical and the Anti-Club turned a lot of us upside down in the best way. Thanks, Jack.

From the Savage Republic mailing list:


Truly a sad day...

Jaques Ren Marquette 1948 - 2008

.We have lost a true pioneer of the LA music scene..

I (thom f.) was fortunate enough to know Jack Marquette and he is a
large part of SR's exposure and success. He gave my first band, Spadra
Moods, our first chance in LA and he promoted my first two shows with
SR. He broke bands like the Abecedarians, Psi-Com, and many others.
The following was sent to me to today by Marnie Weber...

Our very dear friend Jack Marquette passed away early this morning,
after bravely battling a long illness. His partner, Fredrick Ascher
was by his side. All of your thoughts, prayers, visits and love over
the past few months touched him deeply. Jack meant so much to all of
us, he will be greatly missed.
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