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Weekend Update

I am having writer's block and a lot went on this weekend, but I do want to say:

1. miss_geek and vanmojo are the best dates for a nerd's night out at a museum. Plus there was a mechanical dinosaur the size of a car wandering around, and we learned about dolphin brains and behavior, and there was ROCK MUSIC. What a good time! New rule for the Mountain Goats, though. Y'all have to play at least 10 miles away from USC. I'll explain later.

2. A day with turnip and spork0 is a fine, fine thing. Three hours of gabbling over coffee and then a memorably good meal at Pomegranate Restaurant, an unexpected and amazing Russian/Georgian restaurant. Plus, you know, zee beautiful womenz. Unavailable: the best kind for true romance.

3. I live in the only place in the country with good weather right now.
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