The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

the big push

ahead moves science, or at least my company's website. today i tried to liven things up as i sent countless utility emails by including bits of poetry or jokes along with announcements of various software patches. it was quite a success. people like whimsy, especially when we're engaged in some ugly brain-hurting task.

i was trying to watch the TV news today, and gave up entirely on CNN. they now have a sidebar with some information on it and two bars at the bottom at all times with weather, other news scrolling, and some weird web message board thing called "america's voice" which is about as bad as you might imagine. It is now MTV, as the Jerkcity guys pointed out a while ago.

this goes along well with my blather about simplicity earlier. once you start gussying something up, eventually it all turns into a big terrible wedding cake. today's mantra is:

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