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I threw out my fucking left shoulder. The fuck. I mean, fuck!

It's just a normal muscle strain, not like the insane neuro-psycho-musculo-pendejo problm on the right, which oddly was fixed almost completely, after a year, by stretching once.

But damn, it's a bad one. I am unable to fucking do anything without swearing like a fucking longshoreman, and a few times I just had to sit the fuck down and feel sorry for myself before I could get anything done.

If I stand in a position that's somewhere between "cricket bowler" and "drunk flaming gay guy waving at you" it doesn't hurt.

Here's to the thing going away in a day or do so I don't have to [redacted] [redacted] from [redacted] out of sure frustration.

Anyway I'm driving Bob to the VA for an injection today, so at least I know I don't have a 40 year old unkillable bacterium in my eye trying to blind me, like him.

The fuck, though. FUCK.
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