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Nothing but arrant linkery, sirrah

San Francisco is being smart about illegal immigration. Orange Countians and Riversidians are losing their shit over it. And The Liberal OC has a hilarious roundup of the latest quotes. I particularly like the nickname "Lady Jefferson Davis Fingers."

Computer geniuses: could they have finally solved the sound feedback problem?

Last Plane to Jakarta says what I think too about pointless field recordings in songs. It's plop art. Points for "bleak yolk" there too.

What the fuck? Commie girl is the editor at the LA Citybeat now? And Steve Lowery quit after a week? I like the Citybeat. My old friends from the Reader work there. I don't want it to turn into a "magazine sensibility" starfucker rag! Argh.

Haw haw haw haw the Mortgage Bankers Association are having some problems paying their mortgage.

DANGER: According to the New York Times, blogging can result in DEATH due to OVERWORK. What the...
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