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Reasons why I am a southern californian forever

* I drive by a line of eucalyptus trees and smile because I know that there was an orange grove there once, and that was the windbrake.

* When I arrive at a party, the first 15 minutes of conversation are about how we all got there, and how the traffic was

* I wear Vans shoes frequently even though I never was a very good skateboarder

* I'm used to smelling jasmine flowers at night.

* I can always find my way around if I can see the mountains and I know where the sea is.

* If the temperature is not 70 degrees F I feel a need to complain

* I know about snow, sure! There is snow at the mountains. In the winter you can "go to see the snow"!

* I expect people who look Asian to speak perfect english and say "dude" a lot, and I'm surprised when they turn out to be from actual East Asian countries.

* Although I don't care about money at all I can have a 30 minute conversation about real estate prices

* I do not own a suit
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