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A large-scale brain failure today caused me to believe that it was Thursday. Not much harm occurred, but I didn't go in for my weekly in-person day at the office. I'm glad that I work with nice people who don't scream at me for stuff like that.

I use cologne. I had two 99 cent start spray things of this stuff for a few years and then they ran out. I do not use very much cologne. The cologne was good, so I ordered an actual bottle of it. When I first bought it years ago, it was called "Prince Matchabelli New Musk for Men Under 30." I was already over 30 but I cheated. They have since removed the bit about under 30. Vindication, cologne-wise.

This article and picture of Hillary with Scaife is something else:

Buy Ernest Hardy's books. He's a great writer, passionate and thoughtful. I don't know who else is writing about music from a queer black perspective, but he's sure good at it!

I probably won't be there, but anyone who attends the last day of Dutton's bookstore wake party please pour a little on the curb for me. It's a big part of my L.A. life gone. LA Observed says it's this Sunday at 5.

The Los Angeles Times has a new "Innovation" exec and he is broadcasting motivational gibberish from Planet Zinfandel. I had no idea that journalism was the new rock 'n' roll.
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