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Peppermint Stick year 'round

Thanks to klikitak I experienced Hans' Deli & Ice Cream today. It's been there 30+ years but it's buried in a giant strip mall and I'd never even heard of it, though it's a 15 minute drive from my house.

Ice cream made daily in house. Lots and lots of flavors you'll never see in a typical ice cream store. Also, pretty good deli food. Next time I'm gonna try the gorilla cheese, today it was hot pastrami on rye.

Ice cream: yes. It's not transcendent as some people claimed, but it feels that way because it's a bolgia above the hell of supermarket and chain ice cream, and limbo feels like heaven.

I have a fetish for peppermint stick ice cream and since nowadays it's only seasonal here I never get it, unless I want to go to the other supermarket and get the crummy kind.

Hans has it right there, in front of me, hand made today, face plant into bucket.

Oh and some of my friends were there too and that was nice.
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