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He also wore highwater pants or bad shorts constantly.


Today I ended up at the Wikipedia page for "The Seduction Community,". I recommend it; it's an ever-flowing fount of hilarity.

I got there via the page for Ross Jeffries, Speed Seduction Guru and possible model for Tom Cruise's character in Magnolia.

Jeffries was hanging around UCLA when I was a student there. He was the constant gadfly/attention seeker/twat at EVERY political or musical event. As soon as you saw that guy you knew something lame would happen. One of the best moments of my time there was when one of my friends in the dadaist organization called the Perfect Students Union threw a pig snout at him.

They were giving out pig snouts on Bruin Walk as part of their campaign for student body president.

They gave one to Leonard, the singer from the Dickies, as he was performing at the noon concert that day, and he had it in one hand while he had Stewart, his penis puppet, in the other as he sang "If Stewart Could Talk."

You know, I Leonard has to get a lot more of whatever kind of sex he wants than Jeffries does.

When I saw the Speed Seduction guy on TV for the first time, I was shocked silent. The possibility of That Guy getting laid at all, much less writing a howto book on the subject, could not be considered. My guess is that he pays for it and needed to write the books to cover his expenses at whatever version of the Emperor's Club he patronizes.

In other news, guys are all 12
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