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Folks, sooz is magic. Here are the reasons why:

  1. I showed up almost an hour later than I said I would and she barely mentioned it.

  2. She took me to a place where there were crepes, and I ate one, and the crepe was good. [end hemingway]

  3. She drove me to L.A. to see art!

  4. Despite being late, we saw the art because magic happened:

    1. She believed that we would make it on time even though the traffic was awful, and she was right

    2. She believed that we would get into the parking lot that said it was full, and she was right

    3. There was a guy in the lot who seemed to be angling for the same space but it worked out fine for everyone

    4. While in line for the exhibit, after being told that we'd only get to walk through really fast because it was almost close, we were spontaneously given passes by an exiting couple and saw the whole thing

  5. She's hot.

I rest my case, I does.
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