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We're entering the Kreplach Nebula!

I am now down 10 lbs of the 50 I need to lose. This pleases me.

On the minus side, my reading in science! shows that it's very likely that I'm actually diabetic and not "insulin resistance syndrome". The chance that I have a reversible syndrome appears low. Assuming that I really have Type 2 diabetes mellitus, it's likely to get worse throughout my life, and eventually kill me. I can't say this is good news in any way. It's just bad news. Barring a miracle, things are probably going to get more difficult over the years and not less.

However that is in general the Human Condition. I just know one of the things that's going to kill me now.

Had good conversations at D's today, first with "D.Z." who is one of the guys who rebuilds classic cars, and then with Nick. Nick claims that Zardoz is actually a good movie, but I suspect a crush on Charlotte Rampling is the source of this idea.

Tomorrow I mostly have a day off, including a haircut and my second course on how to be sick.
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