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Why I like the Village Hat Shop

Dear Customer:

I cannot write an email suggesting that you purchase a hat. Chances are, you do not need another hat. If you have opted into this email newsletter, it is likely that you have recently bought a hat for your one and only head. (If so, we hope that hat is serving you well.) In fact, you probably don’t need any more stuff right now. So, I suggest that you take a walk in your neighborhood instead. Identify a plant that’s new to you, or watch the birds, smile at your neighbor, or pet a dog - but take a moratorium on consumption.

Eighty percent of the traffic that comes to is new i.e. first-time visitors. This is no surprise, as we aren’t selling a product that needs to be replenished on a routine basis. When you return from your walk, if you have a moment, I am asking a favor. We now have a Product Review option at our site. Please find your hat’s product page at, click the Product Review link, and submit a review. The more we learn about how our hats are functioning - on heads, not on shelves - the better we can serve our customers. The new visitors to our site will appreciate it also.

Thanks … and Happy New Year!

Fred Belinsky &
The Gang at The Village Hat Shop
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