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Implementation of tag limit: suboptimal.

So I'm over the limit. Can't add tags. This means that a recent entry which is topical and of great use can't have appropriate tags. Rats. Okay, I'll remove some, can't be so hard. I use tags for fun a lot, and I could lose a few.

Problem: no idea how many tags I have. Just that I can't have any more, because I'm over 1000. No idea how many to remove. Only way to find out, as far as I see, is to remove a few and keep trying.

Not worth it.

Even better! The way this shows up is if I post from XJournal and I exceed the limit, my entry just gets no tags. If I look at the entry, it has all the tags I wanted. But if I click on the tag icon to add and edit them, it then complains when I save. But it doesn't say which tag is new and can't be added, nor does it give me a link to the tag edit page so I can remove some; I have to find that myself.

I am put in mind of various developers who've been fired from my jobs for Just Not Listening.

Okay, tags were fun. Non-feature now.

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