The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Set of observations without particular context

  1. I saw a sign at a hardware store tonight that appeared to say "Steam Tron: $7". For a moment I was very excited. A Steam Tron! It must be a huge machine of some kind that might occupy an entire floor of a building, all shiny brass and greased steel, with wooden handles, a score of assistant engineers in smocks running it, clanging, hissing, doing something that would warrant its name ending in "Tron"! But it said "Steam Iron" actually. That would have been a great $7 bargain.

  2. An unhappy looking Mexican paterfamilias driving a very bad early 1970s Mustang (from the years when they were underpowered and ugly), who had inexplicably attached the "C 280" emblem from a Mercedes sedan to the back of his car. Would anyone believe that his Mustang LX was a Mercedes C 280? Would anyone care? Why has he not yet committed suicide?

  3. In downtown Orange, CA some sort of festival banners hung across the street, identifying one intersection as "All American Street" and the next as "Mexican Street".

  4. Red-faced Bible Mike lecturing not only the young couple from last night, but a neighboring table of happy 18-year-olds who increasingly looked aghast as he blared on about his view of Biblical Prophecy. Their faces were priceless. They were so young and pretty and happy and clean and rich and about to enjoy the rest of their lives until this madman showed up and started raving, and then they just went into this stunned look that said "we are not equipped yet to deal with the crazy" and stuck there. Eventually they were saved by their cellphones.

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