The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

"Chief" wasn't there, though

Of the maybe ten people on the Diedrichs patio tonight, at least 3 were visibly mad.

Red-Faced Bible Mike was lecturing one of his usual pals (Beard & Glasses) about the Rapture, the Coming Evil World Government, and the usual paranoid stuff a little bit too loud, with a younger acolyte and a couple of 19 year old girls chiming in. He got louder and I moved to the other edge of the patio.

There I sat near Crazy Chain-Smoking Armenian Lady who never stops talking to herself. Near me was a rough and rumpled 50something gentleman who obviously has spent too much time outside. He was furiously reading a paperback book that he held about 2“ from his face in total darkness.

Although I had to leave my coffee and the summer night, I was almost glad about an hour ago when I got paged to fix stuff for work.
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