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The headline NASCAR looking to expand into the hip-hop lifestyle should be enough, but the press release itself takes it all the way. Pullquotes of note below:
  • As for the messages and products in development specifically, Earnhardt said they will be dope because adidas "always keeps it clean."

  • During the recent race weekend in Chicago, rapper and Chi-Town native Twista rolled to the club in a Red Bull painted NASCAR street ride to promote his new album Adrenaline Rush Oh-Seven which touts a NASCAR tie-in.

  • Over the years, the sport's crossover into the urban demographic has been hit and miss, but today one could say it's "On and Poppin'."

  • Team Red Bull driver Brian Vickers, who has made appearances on MTV's TRL, tried to do his thang with Bow Wow and throw up a paint scheme to promote the rapper's music, however, nothing panned out but the two are said to be buds and Bow Wow has since been to a few NASCAR races.
It's fresh and dope that they've discovered the 1985-era Run DMC Adidas phenomenon.

I hope they work their way forward to NWA soon!
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