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Looks like Sparky the Intern is back from vacation and on duty helping small businesses with their web link strategy! Welcome, Sparky:
I have found your website [YOUTH ENTERTAINMENT SOCIAL NETWORK] when searching the web on the topics related to my website theme.

I must say your site content is very good and I think we would benefit much from possible partnership - for example link exchange. This would bring more targeted traffic to our sites, plus increase our websites' weight at the search engines, as they give greater value to the links from the topic-related sites rather than irrelevant backlinks.

My website is definitely related to yours.

I would be glad to link to your site in return to you linking back to mine.
Feel free to email me direct to to discuss the details on the possible partnership.

Hope for the fruitful cooperation,

Best regards,
Titus Gerard,
I dunno. Maybe we could do something with one of our teen suicide gloom bands, but. My favorite clip-art dead guy is the black dude with the burning, rage-filled eyes who is clearly a revenant bent on revenge.
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