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in which I annoy others with my own annoyances

  1. Youtube/other embedded video links presented without context, as a "click here."

    Is this something I want to see? Is this something I have already seen? Is this something I really want to click on, thereby bringing my web browsing to a halt and flooding my bandwidth and possibly crashing my browser, or not? No explain, no click. It's not like images which are basically amusing and load in 5 seconds.

  2. Use of regular LJ account to simulcast an outside blog.

    Why is this on my LJ friend list, if it's a feed from a blog? If your blog has an RSS feed I can just subscribe to that. When it's masquerading as an LJ friend, I have to click through to the originating blog and go through the post again, then comment there, possibly after registering or defeating the spam protector on the outside blog.

    Please, just don't. Put a header on the LJ saying that you post at now and just use this for reading protected entries and have a nice day and here's my feed.

  3. RSS without the full content.

    I am not interested in the first ten words of your blog. I am not interested in your photoblog without the pictures. And I am really not interested in an RSS feed of your paid content that turns into a teaser when I fall for it and click through.

    If you can't figure out how to use something like Feedburner to put ads in your feed, then you shouldn't be trying to make money with your blog anyway. It's involved. Get a paper route.

    If you have a photoblog and an RSS feed, and the whole point of the blog is to gape happily at the photos, no one will use the RSS feed if the photos are not in it. It's just a tiresome tease. If you can't afford the bandwidth to serve your photos, why do you have a photoblog anyway? Just have a bake sale.

  4. People who complain about shit on their blogs. WHATEVER, CAPTAIN RANTS-A-LOT!
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