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But is it available in powdered form?

Spam du jour, via Xanga:
Sup ignatzmous, my name is Chad am Im 18 years old, i have been involved in the web-development area for a few years now. Recently I released a web site specifically made for teens.

Its a general site that exercises the first amendment. My site is called Beast Toast. It has about 8,000 members already, so if you have a question about something, or just want to share your thoughts feel free to hit my site up.

Sup Chad. Beet toast? Beast totes? Bee Stoats? First amendment? web-development? CHAD?
Tags: beasts, beastsontoast, bees, beets, brads, chads, failure, hopeyoulikeournewdirection, socialnetworking, spam, stoats, thads, toast, totes, what, xanga
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