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My complication had a little complication

Had a conversation with my doctor. He believes my condition to be reversible, i.e., if my weight reduction and lifestyle change are successful I might not end up with classical diabetes mellitus. In his opinion my angst and confusion were a result of the hospital diabetes education staff’s very old school approach, which is that diabetes is like alcoholism and there is one kind of blood sugar problem and that’s that. Sort of “If you don’t admit to the whole deal it’s basically a moral failing and you need to get real” and it’s people like YOU WHO HEY I’M THE MEDICAL PERSON AND YOU’RE THE ONE WITH THE DISEASE SIT DOWN AND...

Apparently there’s a history of doctors soft-pedaling diabetes to avoid scaring people, thus ending up with people who think they have a “little bit of diabetes” when they have a dangerous disease. Also, diabetes being in some ways a behavioral disease means that medical personnel tend to be very authoritarian and assume that any relaxation of The Rules results in immediate babyish idiotic behavior by patients, followed shortly by death.

So, his short version is: your insurance company and the old battleax nurse at the hospital will say you have diabetes and treat you accordingly. If you address your weight and your diet and your lifestyle, it’s possible that your condition may be reversible and you won’t end up with lifetime diabetes, but no guarantees. Also, pay attention to what the diabetes education people say.

This should be an interesting year.
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