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This is a fine Hoppe's #9, nonvintage but oleaginous and cleansing.

This month's specials are a Smokeless Fumé Blanc '98, a charmingly rusty but deburred 1911 Colt, and several beautifully aged and rare 1944 Mauser Qualitatswehr from the extremely limited Himmler Select collection. For a relaxed sipping evening we once again offer excellent values in case quantities of Mad Dog 30/30.

Great idea. Alcohol and firearms are an awesome mix. I think I'll also join the American Heart Association Bacon Club, and order another case of Abstinence Project Thongs from Cafe Press.

Win goes to zebulon_y: "Whites Only"
Tags: affiliatemarketing, alcohol, americafuckyeah, commerce, guns, ha, nascarbernet, wine, wtf, yallwatchthis
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