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I'm so postmodernly postironically postal that I only post items

It says something funny and sad about me that when I have a drink or two I get all excited about compiling new versions of my software.

My grocery store had a 5 kg bar of Callebout chocolate for sale: $78.00 USD

I visited nickjb at the B&N tonight. The muzak was playing quietly inoffensive xmas stuff for a while, and then went into some French cabaret music. Nice 40s-style song. And then that song stayed on repeat. I think I heard it 15 times before I left. Hideous bananaphone experience.

Something is fucked with my government check and I haven't got one since Nov. 8. I had to borrow money from my family; thank goodness they're there.

I haven't been able to read or write anything of substance for a while due to some odd ADD-like symptoms. Oddly I can read the new Pynchon; it just kind of flows through me pleasantly.

I turn 42 this week. Not much of interest there except my mom's taking me to dinner at Pescadou on Friday. Mmm, Pescadou.

Outside the market tonight a madman was saying to another madman: "It's like a lot of things in my life. I have these gifts, things like seeing into the future. And I have visions and realizations of a sexual nature. These things are hard for the others to understand."

I think most of my problems could be solved with a bathtub of melted semi-sweet chocolate containing salome_st_john and a manatee. Make it so.
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