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  • Driving down Chapman in Orange today I saw a woman in a witch costume. By "witch costume" I mean the full Wicked Witch of the West outfit with conical black hat, flowing black garments, weird shoes. I could not figure out what this meant on the day after Thanksgiving in Southern California. As a bonus, the entire effect was ruined by the large neon pink duffel bag she was carrying.

  • The cranberry ginger cherry relish made by salome_st_john is Cranberry Crack.

  • culfinglin is a very cool person and I enjoyed the long convo over coffee today tremendously.

  • The "Holiday Season" has arrived in the traditional way here in Southern California. Today I was tailgated by my first SUV-with-grille-mounted-wreath of the season!

  • My cat has been staring at me a lot lately.

  • The new Pynchon has arrived. I am simultaneously eager to start it and afraid of its bulk. It's like having an entire ten pound cheesecake in the house.
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