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That was a good couple of days.

yoscott arrived in the middle of his massive road trip and stayed a couple days. It was great to see him. Went down to the beach today, ate Ruby's, people-watched, and took the ferry to the Island, inadvertedly triggering a minor phobia. Sorry, Scott! Ate sushi. Went to Ruba. Somehow managed to introduce him to half the people I know mostly by accident.

The night before was a meatsplosion and gluttonfest including Leah and my mom as well as Scott. That was great too. Leah is a great friend, not least for bringing the horseradish.

There was a strange party of cigar Republicans, soccer moms, and slack-jawed kids at Ruba. Boy they sure didn't fit in.

A guy at Tower was desperately trying to return a CD he had purchased in error while trying to get a Spice Girls CD for some 12 year old girl's birthday (?!). She was in a limo outside (?!?!?) and he was sliding into full consumer rage as we departed. I still can't find anything at their going out of business sale worth actual U.S. dollar moneys.

I managed to introduce Scott to stand-up guys and beautiful women, solely. How'd I do that?

I am convinced that burntcurtis somehow knows every interesting person on the planet.
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