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Boyfriends are different from me.

Boyfriends are smart, like me. But they are also athletic or tough guys. Sometimes they aren't athletic any more, or they have stopped being tough guys. But they were before. They are self-deprecating or ironic about being tough guys or athletes. They get to be smart and also be tough guys and very physical.

Boyfriends have good taste, like me. But they're also clean and well-organized. They have several credit cards and a car that is in good repair. Most of them ride motorcycles, too. Sometimes they were tough guys or athletic on motorcycles before and now they just have one. They appreciate the arts and literature and also go very fast on motorcycles and on their cars taht are in good repair.

Boyfriends can travel and buy nice things for themselves and for their girlfriends because they have good office jobs and several credit cards. They know how to not run out of money and they are always able to pay for things when it's necessary. Their apartments have cool stuff in them even if the apartments are very small.

Boyfriends are nice guys, like me. But they are aggressive too. They persist and get things that they want. Sometimes they're angry a lot because they need to be angry to get what they want. They are not shy about demonstrating dominance but they are still nice guys.

Not all women date boyfriends. Some boyfriends marry and are technically husbands then but they are still boyfriends. It is not a role; it is a particular type of guy. Some guys that I know are boyfriends and some are not.

Edit: They almost all wear glasses. I don't know why. Sweaters, too.

Boyfriends sometimes say that they are dorks or geeks or outcasts. Sometimes their girlfriends say this about them too. It is not true, though. That's why it is said.
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