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The Fall of the House of Steinberg

Mold sends homeowners packing

Super extra famous sports agent Leigh Steinberg had to move and then got screwed again in his second 5 million dollar house. Oh no! Why? Well, the mold showed up again.

The Ambe family blew 3.5 mil on a house only have their 18 month old baby covered in a rash and "listless" due to the same mold.

Oddly, the same building company didn't seem to have the problem when giving away their services for a TV show in which they fixed up a house to save a mold-threatened child.

Best quote in the article:
"My poor husband — he's a plastic surgeon — he's having to do five surgeries a day … where typically it would be three," she said.
I wonder if a Tulpa can take the form of mold?
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