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I'm getting a dualcore pentium desktop box from them. Nice fast processor, 2 gig of ram, lotta disk. About a grand and no interest on the loan. It's a good deal, especially since I'm replacing a nine year old computer with one that's likely to be overpowered for my needs as a headless linux box for the next nine years. No monitor, no speakers, no "productivity software" or anything like that.

The things you can't opt out of are funny. Everything is a part number, even if it's just a marketing bullet point, probably because their computer system was set up to demand that, so my order included the following

Order GroupQuantityItemDescription
1 1 420-5769 Internet Search and Portal
1 1 420-3224 Broadband Icon for Inspiron
1 1 983-2207 Thank You for buying Dell
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