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are this how i am buying computer machine

Dear Lazyweb:

I may need to buy/build a new linux box soon, for home server use. So, I probably need to get an x86 box because I don't want the new hobby of making PPCLinux replace the iggy box on the blue G3. Therefore, I need either to buy a prebuilt system or all the parts in a sack so I can screw them together.

I don't need:

great graphics
gamer anything
windows anything

I do need:

hardware that plays nice with recent linux
a decent processor, preferably dualcore
lots of RAM
good I/O so I'm not always horking because the disk is running
good cooling features
expandibility for drives and cards
ports ports, ports, ports

I might end up just doing a Dell BYO box because I have credit with them and I'd never pay interest on their plan, it's no interest for 18 months. I'm sure I'd be paying extra because brand name, but I also get 6% off and no shipping cost there because of a corporate deal. It won't be perfect and it'll be about $1800 for what I want to do, but it will be on payment and done.

But If someone has a preferred vendor for this kind of thing or a suggestion of how to do this way better for way cheaper, I'd be delighted. What I don't want is to go to Fry's, or spend six weeks nerdinating learning all about exactly the best combination to get 0.05% more efficiency. I'm going to upgrade from a 300MHz Gateway Pentium II box from 1997 that's been doing good service for years, so I don't need my edge to cut much less bleed.
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