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1. Type your first name into Google followed by "had better stop" . Then go to hip_domestics and post whatever you got as advice to the current question.

2. Open iTunes, put it on shuffle, and forward to the fifth song. Stalk the artist until arrested. If the artist is dead, stalk someone else, claiming that they are this person.

3. Reach for the nearest book you can find, open it to page 23, and tell others you have read it, although you have not.

4. Take the "Which fucking waste of time are you" quiz at! [UNDERCONSTRUCTION.GIF]

5. Click here to put the "HOMOSEXUAL FAGGOTS ARE LOVE" banner on your site!!!

6. Take a picture of yourself in the bathroom mirror with a flash camera and then get your Sparklies Fashion Weather Bratz Trollz SouthPark avatar and then get this free Flying Spaghetti Monster banner and then drag them all to the trashcan and delete them forever and just go back to bed.

6. ADD YOURSELF TO THE LIST!!!! of people who have made this joke.
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