The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Perhaps bonghits will fix my social consciousness

I was talking to eyeteeth earlier who asked a pertinent question about the last heat-inspired rage festival I'd posted. The question (paraphrased) was: If you don't like pseudo-ironic bigotry, why do you like jerkcity, when it's all about gaybashing, misogyny, and similar tasteless crap?

Matters of taste are hard to dispute, and matters of bad taste doubly so, but I'll try.

I think Jerkcity appeals to me because the characters are weak, unhappy, embarrassed losers who keep saying and doing the wrong thing. They're all like Charlie Brown to me. As I think it was Pants once said, OH MY GOD THIS IS WAY TOO PERSONAL WHERE IS THE BACKSPACE?

Also, my objection to pseudo-ironic bullshit blaxploitation and midget shows is that the people who do this believe they're above actually being bigoted twits and that this is somehow an airy Post-Neo-Deconstructionist commentary. The Jerkcity guys just seem to be really high and later on to be terribly hung over and worried what happened, which is at once less mean and more realistic. T QUENTIN FECHEZ LA TEXTE I MEAN LA VACHE OH FUCK THOSE WERE MY GOOD DIAPERS

Watching some upper middle class kids wear fake afros and sing "Shaft" on stage or seeing the midget cohost on the extreme sports show feels to me like watching someone kick a dog and laugh. Reading Jerkcity makes me feel like watching someone who has had 8 shots of tequila and thinks he *is* his dog, and then later hearing him tell the story of that night.

Does this make sense? If not, please explain and/or clarify.

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