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Welcome back to the human race

I'm warming up to Ruba. There's no where else to go that late, so this is a good thing. This evening's entertainment included some personal history about being a Marine and a felon simultaneously and how that worked out, someone's idiotic $500 plastic sunglasses, and a guy named Bilbo who wore too much fringed stuff and a mullet.

Now here's the good news: Panera's putting in a location on 17th, apparently in the former Rite-Aid. Hurray for the imminent arrival of good free wifi, lots of power plugs, decent coffee, and food.

I was listening to "Sultans of Swing" on the radio in my car and realizing that what I like about that song is the bassline, although it's supposed to be a Guitar Asshole Song.

Finally, the National Weather Service agrees that our weather has been all fucked-up:
The heat that scorched Southern California this past weekend was not only record breaking...but largely unprecedented in recorded history. Strong high pressure centered over the southwest United States sent easterly flow and strong sinking and compressing motion into Southern California that maximized the heating. Monsoon moisture also contributed to the heat by keeping the minimum temperatures up...and numerous daily high minimum temperature records were also broken for much of the last week.

Several high temperature records on Saturday were the all-time highest for the entire period of record (see details below). This is particularly remarkable in Escondido since the record dates back to 1900. At San Diego Lindbergh Field the temperature peaked at 99 degrees...becoming the hottest day since September 25 1989...which is still the last 100-degree day on record.

Also remarkable for areas near the coast was the time of year for this extreme heat since several daily records were not just broken...but shattered (by 16 degrees in Escondido!). normally onshore flow with a marine air presence dominates the weather near the coast at this time of record high temperatures are not as high as they are during the late Summer and early fall...when Santa Ana conditions are usually the cause of high temperature records and are more likely to occur.
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