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Good BYE

The shittiest band in Orange County is decamping for Louisville.

A particularly bitter part of my rock-crit past surfaced reading that article, and I fell off the wagon. (Those of us in recovery sometimes fail.) I sent a letter to the editor which wasn't published, and that's a good thing.
I have an alternative reason for the puzzling failure of the Overreactors to make it in Orange County: they're terrible. They've been a plague on local coffeehouses for more than a decade. It's a tremendous relief to know that I won't hear that crap cover of the Cowboy Junkies' crap cover of "Sweet Jane" ever again, or any of their other half-step-off insults to great songs. Cover bands are bad enough, but tone-deaf covers of our favorite songs are torture.

Musicians network in Orange County... ...with other musicians whose music they like. The other stuff is called "Outsider Music."
And that's your Bitter Asswipe Update for today.
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