The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Let's all be cool Fonzies

I had a different commute today because I had to take the car in for regular service. I got on I-5 at Tustin Ranch headed north and oops! major slowdown. Stuck in traffic. Dammit dammit.

As I crawled north past various Caltrans and cop vehicles, I saw the cause of the slowdown. The Red Hill offramp was closed down and there were law enforcement types everywhere, copapalooza. Several of them were under improvised little sun shelter with sniper rifles, and a commander with his pistol out was crouched behind a squad car. They were all facing a motel that in turn faced the freeway.

So I crept by, hoping that Sideshow Bob and/or Pretty Boy Floyd didn't open up on the cops and catch me downwind.

Just another day on the freeways!
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