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  1. I for one welcome our tiny military robot plane overlords. Hey, wasn't one of these in Dune?

  2. As springheel_jack once pointed out, THE EMU WILL PECK.

  3. Poor Mike O'Neill. His friend wrote a pretty damned good poem for him, though.

  4. STOP THE PRESSES! Has been 80s politician walks out on has been 80s musician. Actually, don't stop the presses.

  5. Here's a really good reason not to show the whole world your internal numbers, especially if they're sequential. You might, like, lose a war.

  6. Do not purchase unproven home health care equipment, especially on eBay.


  8. The only thing funnier than the Rich Man's Short Bus itself is the $50,000 Tonka falling apart on its own for no reason. A $15,000 Mazda doesn't do that, guys. I'm just saying.

  9. Think! Is your conduct appropriate? Well, IS IT?

  10. Squid attack, squid attack get out of the water and don't look back!
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