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Let's try this again, shall we?

This entry has no theme or unifying metaphor. It's just some stuff; sorry.

My new pressure cooker has done great things for my eating habits. Lots more beans & lentils, lean meat etc. This is good news because I need to eat low on the glycemic index and avoid some of my old favorites if I'm to beat this insulin resistance problem. Also, Irish Dan has fixed up my bike so I'm able to exercise more easily, since I enjoy bicycling and I can vary the difficulty of the ride with the amount of exercise I need. The anti-death project is therefore going well.

Some degenerate fuck is hosting hunting parties in Vegas where people can shoot at naked women with paintball guns. We've got to hose some of the extreme misogyny out of this society before we turn into the Taliban. It's really gross and scary. Not linking to the news story, find it yourselves.

If you thought arguments about religion and politics were bad on the Internet, try looking into diet, nutrition, and health some time. People with moderate or self-critical opinions are very rare. All reviews of books on Amazon seem to have either 1 or 5 stars. Dietary theories or diet plans are either God's Own Chosen Plan of Salvation or some devilish trick. Dogmatic opinions are held (literally) to the death. It's fairly depressing.

A friend of mine recently did a few years of graduate work in biological psychology studying appetite, food avoidance, and craving mechanisms. She points out that most fad or commercial diets are sold based on one of five possible metabolic and psychological responses to food, and that many if not most people fit into one of these categories. The result is that quite often you find a maniacally delighted 20% who want everyone to know that this plan is the best ever, and a disgruntled 80% who mostly blame themselves but sometimes crusade against the dietary plan. Math is hard. Let's go eating!

In my own case I'm a complex carbohydrate-craving, night-eating, insulin resistant overweight person who needs to cut down overall calories and eat low on the glycemic index. But the person next to me might need to eat lots of rice and less breakfast. Universal rules escape us.
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