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  1. Karla McLaren, a leading light of the New Age who published nine books, has become a skeptic. tinymammoth pointed me to this excellent essay in which she describes the cultural gap between those two extremes. Skeptics take note: attacking quackery and exposing flaws in the beliefs of others through mockery may be satisfying, but it's not the same as education.

  2. Mark-Jason Dominus just pointed me to this amazing set of underwater photos and videos, including the piglet squid in this icon and other treasures of the deep.

  3. There is a whole gol-durned blog about the Dewey Decimal System! What's more, it's interesting.

  4. Get out your tinfoil hats: Terrorists have infiltrated the Masons!

  5. Via the Exploding Aardvark, here: have some japanese warning signs!

  6. In Oppressive Technology News, the fine folks at Georgia Tech are working on a seek and interdict anti-camera weapon. Thanks, guys.

  7. Do not stand under or attempt to climb this mountain: two million cubic meters of it are about to fall off.

  8. Vietnam, 1968 (flickr photo). This is poignant. I wonder what became of this guy? Dead? Back from the dead like Trout? Just another boomer Blimp?

  9. The world of Duke Cunningham: Hookers, bribes, and friends named "Dusty" Foggo.

  10. Matt Taibbi is back from Iraq with some stories of life on the front.

  11. Salam alaikam and welcome to MuslimSpace, where instead of Tom your friend is M12345.

  12. Crash victim comes out of it after 20 years, thinks he's still 20. Yow.

  13. Our very own O.C. Al Qaeda spokesman is finally out of the closet. What is it about us and insane people?
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