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  1. Drunk bear in car!

  2. Torgo and the Buffalo Beast pointed me to a blog comment thread in which various meathead cops discuss how they're going to wreak havoc/let people die/fuck everyone as a negotiation technique for their contract. It was all pretty good, but the best was this eggcorn from a postliterate guy who didn't know he was coining a new phrase: I for one have adopted a lazy-fare attitude. Worthy of Chief Wiggum!

  3. And then there was that one time the ghost ship full of petrified corpses showed up in town.

  4. OC Metroblogs' Flickr Group has shots of the Hootenany, including this classic punkabilly O.C. couple.

  5. The Wikipedia guy has started a political wiki. I am not sure why.

  6. Georges Duboeuf imitates the Simpsons and gets caught cheating with his wines!
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