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Their "friends" setup is bizarrely broken. You can't see anything but photo and their chosen "display name," so you don't know who some people are after a few months when they change their pic to Woody Woodpecker and start calling themselves Antonin Artaud.

I find myself thinking "Who is Potatoes O'Brien?" or "Not only is this woman not Audrey Hepburn, but I don't know anyone who lives in Macon, Georgia. WTF?"

Then it gets funnier with email. Today I forwarded something and saw how that works; you get the list of display names from which to choose. Two of my friends chose the same one, it being their first name. So I didn't know whether I was forwarding to turnip or salome_st_john. Fortunately they have similar senses of humor so I just sent it to both.

It's strange how many recently-built human artifacts are like ancient fucked-up things that Just Somehow Happened.
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