The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

You have nothing to lose but memos from H.R. about parking

I just finished a rather cliché'd rant on my other blog about managers, and then was reminded of an incident at the coffeehouse the other night.

The place is falling apart, and much of this is due to Corporate Rules, including a messed up computer system that slows things down, lots of regulations that keep the coffee slaves from doing their job right, and a general apathy on the part of management about watching how things are going.

After a frustrating 15 minutes trying to get a cup of coffee the other night I wandered out to where pbd and some others were sitting and yelled:

"What a surprise it is going to be to these corporate morons when the workers rise up in a spontaneous violent revolution and murder them all in order to save capitalism!"

And I still believe it.
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