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Customer questions Six Apart's decisions. Six apart employee anildash responds with hand-waving and personal attacks. He invokes his insider status and then disingenuously calls his shilling for the company "personal," and then says the customer is being deliberately dishonest.

Hey, Anil? Even if springheel_jack was wrong, even if he is guilty of everything you said, you are not entitled to behave that way. At least have the courtesy to put on a sock puppet before you abuse us.

I'm waiting for the public apology.

Guys, we paid for this thing. If you want to keep getting paid just for being Top Bloggers, you can't keep shitting on your customers, even if the customers make you very, very angry. I learned that as a Radio Shack clerk 22 years ago, and I continue to practice it as a well-paid technology professional.

anildash should have his LJ suspended and get a week off work without pay. If you want to be a jerk, go blog for free and get a real job.
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