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I'm still pretty exhausted, maybe trying not to get sick? So I'm only going to drop some PEARLS on you here:
  1. Today I was getting my powerbook fixed, and while waiting for this I was outside the store reading the New York Review of Books. A guy sat down at the table with his laptop and said "That's my favorite magazine! Are you a literati too?"

  2. West Costa Mesa's latest addition to the Christian Aquarium is The Lord's Gym, where the faithful can build abs and thighs but cannot wear spaghetti straps or bare their midriffs. One may work out to "Christian" music while observing murals and scripture. via OC Metblogs.

  3. At the mall after Powerbook repair I wandered and saw many very beautiful people, 1020 thread count sheets for sale (I had no idea those existed!), and AMERICA! In case you're curious, AMERICA! is overweight 30-year-old white guys in expensive sunglasses, cargo shorts, flipflops, and surf t-shirts.

  4. On the way home I saw one of the Crazy Recumbent Bike Guys (it's a type). This one was dressed in a bright yellow marine foul weather jacket that was zipped all the way up and had the hood laced in tight over his face, and also wore sunglasses. He looked like a HazMat investigator gone post-apocalyptic. It was about 75 degrees out.

  5. Tomatoes with sesame-ginger dressing and furikake sprinkled on them are great.
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