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I found Bree's sentencing info.

I spent 75 cents or so at the federal court website because I wanted to know what happened to her, what her sentence was etc. They took her in May of 2004 and she didn't get sentenced until March 2005. One count of armed bank robbery and one count of using, carrying, or brandishing of firearm during crime of violence.

Looks like she got 18 months for the bank robbery and 5 years for using a gun to do it.

She pled out on 3/25/2005:
Docket Text: MINUTES OF SENTENCING held before Judge Cormac J. Carney as to Brianna Catherine Cery (1) count(s) 1, 2. Bureau of Prisons for a term of 18 months on count 1 and 60 months on count 2, to be served consecutively. Supervised release for five years on count 1 and three years on count 2, to be served concurrently under terms and conditions of the United States Probation Office and General Order 318 and 01-05. Special assessment of $200. Restitution in the amount of $108.00. Defendant is advised of appeal rights. C/R: Maria Dellaneve (tso)
For those who aren't local and/or are confused by this, I'm referring to this bank robber, who was a regular at the Diedrich Coffee we all hung out at. She also worked at the local Kinko's and as a bagger at the grocery store.

She was always an odd person, very much obsessed with the occult and "magick," and willing to bore almost anyone with lectures on the beauty of Crowleyian thought. I got along with her okay. After the grocery strike she was the only worker at the market who didn't get the raise/good benefits deal on rehiring. She blamed this on her transgendered status and I have to agree. I'm not sure what led to the bank robbery but she wasn't doing too well after the strike and fallout afterwards.

Whoo, 5 years in federal. Gun bad.
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